BJP a conspirator party which can go to any extent to grab power: Vaghela

Gandhinagar: Former Gujarat CM and ex- union minister Shankarsinh Vaghela today alleged that ruling BJP was a conspirator party which could go to any extent for grabbing power.

Addressing a get together meeting here today Vaghela, who himself was part of BJP for over two decades in the past, said that the party was a conspirator party which could go to any extent to grab power.

He claimed that BJP and PM Narendra Modi have failed to deliver their promises like ‘good-days’ , two crore jobs, bringing back black money and putting Rs 15 lakh in the accounts of poor people in last 4 and half year of rule at the center and now when the people were seeking an answer from them,they did not have any reply. Now the public would give them a reply and throw out of power.

Vaghela alleged that the government was deploying sycophant officials in various institutions including CBI to hide its sins (wrong-doing) and vexing opponents.

He also alleged that farmers were suffering in Gujarat too and many of them were committing suicide. He claimed that the developed state of Gujarat and its happy people did not need any government but BJP during its long rule has through its unproductive works had pushed the state under the burden of heavy debt. Farmers were not getting water but the Sabarmati riverfront and Sadhu bet were kept filled with water.

He warned that he would lead a campaign and even break the embankment of Narmada canals for farmers if the need arose. He also said that he would start an agitation for Patidars in December or before that.