Volunteers prevent 2 tonne plastic from entering Girnar forest during Lili Parikrama

Junagadh: Local voluntary organization’s volunteers prevented 2 tonne plastic to enter the protected forest area of Girnar during Lili Parikrama.

Over a million pilgrims come to Girnar hill forest for 36-km long Lili Parikrama every year ahead of Kartiki Purnima(full moon day of Kartak month of year as per Gujarati calendar). Most of them bring plastic bags with them which they eventually dump in forest area after use. Local voluntary organization for last several years take plastic from pilgrims at the entry point of forest and give them textile bag in exchange for free. This year 87 volunteers participated in this service and prevented 2 tonne plastic from entering the forest area.

Thanks to donors, small bag which costs Rs. 4 and larger size bag which costs Rs. 9 is given free to pilgrims in exchange of plastic bag.

According to Dr. Chirag Gosai of Bahauddin college, the volunteers offered their services from midnight of November 16th to 2.00 pm on November 20th.