If Ram temple is not constructed at Ayodhya now, BJP will lose faith of public:Baba Ramdev in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Yog Guru Baba Ramdev today said that if the Ram temple was not constructed in Ayodhya now, then the faith of people in BJP would end and it won’t be good for the party.

Talking to newsmen here, Baba Ramdev said that there were only two ways for the construction of the Ram temple. One was that the people start constructing it at their own and the other was that the government through the highest institution in democracy- the parliament brings a legislation for that.

He said that if people start doing so at their own, it would be said that they were defying the court and law . But the matter in the court has already been delayed so much so that there was no hope of any early decision.

‘The Modi government at center can bring an ordinance for the construction of the temple,’ he said.

He claimed that lord Ram was not a matter of dispute between the minority and majority community as he was the ancestor of both of them.

He said that presently there was BJP government in UP as well as at the center and if the temple was not constructed at such a time then the party would loose the faith of people which obviously won’t be a good thing for it.

Baba Ramdev, who was here on the occasion of the opening of the first apparel store of his company Patanjali in Gujarat, said that the Ram temple should be made in Ayodhya.