67 years vs 4 years: PM’s comparisons draw applause at 75th anniversary function of Dainik Jagran

New Delhi: The 75th anniversary celebrations of the Dainik Jagran newspaper, saw repeated applause from the audience, as Prime Minister Modi gave a series of stunning statistics to contrast his 4 year period in office, with the 67 years since independence, that preceded it.

He began by raising the question: why is our country backward even so many decades after independence. Why could the problems of our people not be resolved, he asked.

He noted that now electricity is reaching places it had not reached for 70 years, and States which remained unconnected to the railway, are being brought on the railway map.

The Prime Minister then proceeded to give a series of comparisons. He compared the period of 67 years (independence to 2014) with his own period of four years (2014-2018) in office. In this period, he said:

– Toilets in rural houses went up from 38 percent to 95 percent;

– Rural road connectivity went up from 55 percent to 90 percent;

– LPG connections went up from 55 percent of total households to 90 percent of total households.

– Electricity reached 95 percent of rural families, whereas four years ago it had only reached 70 percent.

– Only 50 percent people had bank accounts four years ago, while now almost everyone has access to banking services.

– Only four crore people were filing tax returns in 2014, and in the next four years, three crore more people joined the tax network.

The Prime Minister said that all other things remaining the same, how has this change come about?

He said that once the basic needs of the people are met, they shall themselves overcome poverty.

He blamed political expediency for this not happening so far. He said that if all had access to basic facilities, how would vote bank politics and appeasement be possible? If poverty were to be reduced, how would slogans such as “Garibi Hatao” be given?

The Prime Minister asserted that the Government is keen to fulfill the aspirations of the people. He said India’s use of technology is becoming a model for the developing countries. He said that a combination of technology and human sensitivities is ensuring greater “ease of living.”

He said this movement towards empowerment of the poor will be taken even further.

PM recalls newspaper “hawkers” at Jagran Forum event

Amid the plush settings of Taj Palace Hotel in the heart of South Delhi, Prime Minister Modi today recalled the humble newspaper hawker.

The occasion was the 75th anniversary celebrations of one of India’s biggest newspapers – Dainik Jagran. Complimenting everyone in the organization on the completion of this 75 year journey, the Prime Minister specially recalled the newspaper hawkers too. He mentioned them in the context of their role in ensuring that newspapers reach people in their houses.