Swedish women arrive to see Statue of Unity on camel cart from Rajasthan

Statue of Unity: Two Swedish women who are on two-month tour from Pushkar in Rajasthan to Goa – a distance of about 1,600 km – on a camel cart, on Thursday arrived at Statue of Unity. Both said they were extremely happy to visit Statue of Unity and they liked Gujarati food very much.

Eva and Ema from Sweden are accompanied with a camel cart rider person from Rajasthan. Eva an Ema choose to stay at simple facilities on way like ashram or some rural house.

Eva and Ema had come to Pushkar a few months ago back. They undertook a Camel Safari and that made them fall in love with the camel cart and they decided to undertake the journey from Pushkar to Goa. They bought a cart and a camel and hired the services of a local to learn how to take care of the animal.

They said that they are doing it to promote environmental protection. They have bought the camel for Rs 31,000 and have named it Baby.

Both women also run Youtube channel namely’ Goddess Homeless Camel Queens’.


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