Border place Lakhpat starts getting Narmada water; Rupani announces two desalination plant for Kutch, tenders before Makar Sankranti

Bhuj: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Friday visited scarcity-hit Kutch district and attended a review meeting related to scarcity situation. Rupani witnessed supply of Narmada water to border destination Lakhpat.

Rupani said, “it is for the first time that scarcity linked relief works were started in the month of September itself. In the past relief work would take place in summer, which means for maximum four months. This time scarcity related relief works are taking place for 8 month. This will result into more expenditure for which the government is ready.”

“In the past 80 lakh kg grass would be enough in entire scarcity period, while this time so far 4.5 crore kg grass is already supplied. 52 cattle camps are permitted in only Kutch district. Subsidy will be given per cattle. More cattle camps are also going to be permitted.”

“For drinking water, Tappar dam has been filled with Narmada water. Planning has been done for smooth water supply till the month of July.”

“Tenders for two desalination plants – each having capacity of 50 MLD – and therefore total 10 crore litre desalinated water output every day will be out before Makar Sankranti (January 12). Tenders for desalination plants at Dwarka, Porbandar, Veraval were out just two days ago after Jodiya earlier. Proposed desalinated plants will be functional in two years period. Possible sites for desalination plants in Kutch could be at Mundra, Mandvi, Lakhpat – any two of these three.”

“Border destination Lakhpat has started receiving Narmada water for drinking purpose the first time through pipeline today.”

“For the first time, the State government is offering input subsidy to farmers across 11 scarcity-hit districts. Around 2 lakh farmers of Kutch are to get Rs. 247 crore sum as input subsidy which is highest among all districts. The total provision statewide is Rs. 11,500 crore. Each farmer in scarcity-hit districts will be suitable to get per hectare Rs. 6,500 input subsidy as compensation to loss witnessed on account of expenditure on seeds etc. 35,000 applications are already received in Kutch for this scheme. The government is also working to ensure crop insurance payment to farmers,” Rupani said.