India wants Majboot (strong) and not Majboor (helpless) government and only Modi/BJP can give it: Amit Shah

Silvassa: BJP president Amit Shah today hit out strongly at Congress, its president Rahul Gandhi and the proposed grand alliance during a party event here and said that the NDA would again form government at center under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi to provide a Mazboot (strong) government rather than a majboor (helpless) one to the nation.

He also claimed that if voted to power again the BJP government would oust all the illegal immigrants from India even though the opposition including Congress, BSP, DMK, Trinamool Congress and left parties did not want their deportation for vote-bank politics.

Addressing party workers meet here in this union territory city adjoining the southern region of his home state of Gujarat, Shah said, ‘Wherever I go, I hear the chant of Modi-Modi. The victory of NDA/BJP under the leadership of Modi ji in the next Loksabha election is certain. But they are talking about formation of Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) without any consensus about leader or policy related issues. They are only doing the sloganeering of Modi- Hatao (remove Modi).’

‘One of its constituent BSP’s supremo Mayawati is even saying that the country needs a majboor government. But people don’t want a majboor one, they want a mazboot government instead which can be formed only and only by Modi/BJP,’ he said.

Shah said that the BJP government at center has started a campaign to detect, delete (from voters list) and deport illegal immigrants from the country. ‘ But the Rahul Baba and company (opposition parties led by Congress) look concerned only about these illegal immigrants who steal the jobs and other facilities of native people and indulge in terrorist acts like bomb-blasts in India. This team as a Mahagathbandhan was concerned about them because they see vote bank in them and were not concerned about the harm they were doing to the natives. After we are voted to power again this year, I guarantee that we will oust every singe of them from Kashmir to KanyaKumari and Kamrup to Kutch. The opposition is trying to save them but we would ensure their ouster from India,’ the BJP president said.

He reiterated that Rahul Gandhi has no right to ask questions on the issue of development and corruption to the BJP.

‘Rather than asking BJP to give the account of development during its over 4 years of rule, the party should tell the nation as to why despite 4 generations of rule of a family the country could not come out of problems like darkness caused by lack of electricity, smoke, diseases etc. We give account of our works not to the corrupt congress party but to the people. Modi ji has so far given 129 schemes for people and was still adding more in this list. He has not become PM because his father or grandfather was the one. He had even sold tea and comes from a very humble background and has become PM due to his merit and hard-work. He knows the problems of poor and what they want and that is why he is doing all round development,’ Shah said.

He said that PM Modi had put India in the list of countries who have conducted surgical strikes on enemy’s soil to revenge the killing of their people/soldiers. ‘There were only two countries earlier in the list the US and Israel. During Manmohan Sonia regime nothing was done to avenge the unabated killing of our soldiers,’ he claimed.

Shah further hit out at Congress and Rahul Gandhi saying that they were perspiring since the arrest of ‘Michel uncle’ (accused of Augusta Westland Chopper scam Christian Michel). ‘For the past 3 years Rahul Gandhi was shouting all shorts of lies with regard to Rafale aircraft deal. We had suggested him to go to Supreme court during the hearing with all the facts if he felt that there was any scam in it, but he did not do so. His B-team in the form of Prashant Bhusan etc argued in the court and our government put all the facts without hiding anything and the court said that there was nothing wrong in it. He was challenging for debate over the issue in the parliament but in her around 2 and half hour long speech defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman knocked him out. Not even a chavanni of scam has been done in the Rafale deal. Her speech is there on the you tube and I request all the BJP workers to take it more and more people to expose the falsity of Rahul and Congress party,’ he said.

Shah alleged that the whole Gandhi-Nehru family was indulged in corruption. ‘Sonia and Rahul have done crores of scam by transferring the National Herald building in their names. They were yet to give reply to the Income Tax Department about income of Rs 600 crore. How can such people make allegations against a honest man like Modi ji,’ he said.


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