Started the battle against corruption from upper deck, every penny would be recovered from those fled the country with public money: PM Modi in youth conclave in Surat

Started the battle against corruption from upper deck, every single penny would be recovered from those fled the country with public money: PM Modi in youth conclave in Surat

Surat: PM Narendra Modi said that the ‘termite’ of corruption was the root cause of all the problems of the country and he has started a battle against it from the upper deck.

During the Youth conclave organized at the Indoor stadium here Modi said, ‘ I believe that the root cause of all the problems was the termite of corruption which was destroying the whole system.’

Replying to a query from the audience he said, ‘ I could wage a war against the menace of corruption because I come from a common family. Had I also been from a dynastic system with big baggage on my back then I would also not have dared to fight against corruption for the fear of revelation of my own secrets. But my life is like an open book. Even my opponents could not raise a finger against me. So many governments in the ignore the issue of corruption and I could have also done so but my conscience told me that the fight should be started from somewhere and I stared it from the upper deck. If it is cleared there then there would be great results at the lower end also.’

Hitting out at the Congress and Gandhi family without directly taking the names, the PM said that a Chaiwala (Tea vendor) was now challenging the family which had ruled the country for four generations.

‘You know that they (Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi) were now on bail (in the national herald case) and their other courtiers were also doing the rounds of various courts but ultimately they will have to face the music,’ he said.

He said that all those who have looted the country would have to return the money.

Without naming anyone Modi said, ‘in the past also people have fled the country with public money but nothing was done to recover it. Now my government has made strict law and every single penny would be recovered from such absconders. All there property wherever in the world it might be, would be seized.’

Modi said that the country need to be rid from the diseases like corruption, casteism, nepotism and dynastic rule given to the country by Congress.

In reply to another question he said that those negative forces who were predicting the defeat of BJP in 2014 were again active. Apart from them the corrupt ones whose shell companies his government has shut and the middlemen who used to gulp Rs 80 thousand crore and have now become toothless due to his steps, were also opposing him tooth and nail.

He said that his government has pulled out the country from sheer pessimism of 2014 and put it on the path of development. ” I don’t claim that my government has accomplished all that need to be done but we have taken it out of pessimism and put on the path of development.’ he said.

He also said that his government had contained the terrorists to just one state of Kashmir and the incidents of blast by them have now stopped. During the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai under Congress regime only candle marches were taken out and nothing was done to avenge the death of so many innocent people. And when during my regime the incident of Uri defence camp attack happened, it was avenged through surgical strike.

PM Modi said that he was very hopeful about the bright future of India of whose population around 65% or 80 crore were youth below 35 years of age. He also stressed on the need to make the younger generation aware about the poor state of things during Congress regime when they were too young to remember that and the difference made by his government.


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