Pond – 3, an ideal water body for seaplane operations at Narmada dam

Statue of Unity: Sea plane operation requires at least 6 ft depth of water and 900 meter span of water body. As per the feasibility report by Airport Authority of India(AAI) ad department of Civil Aviation, pond number 3 was found perfect for sea plane operation at Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam. Pond – 3 is also called Panchmuli pond. It was used for boating once upon a time for visitors. In year 2013, in an unfortunate incident, a boat with 60 visitors stuck in pond and crocodiles surrounded it. The visitors were stuck for many hours inside the boats with muggers around. After this incident, boating was permanently stopped at pond – 3. Last month as many as 15 crocodiles were shifted from pond – 3 to other place reportedly in order to make possible sea plane operation here. However the procedure was stopped after January 24. Forest department has also carried out survey on number of crocodile in pond – 3 through 12 teams. The survey report has been handed over to Wildlife chief of Gujarat State. As per an estimate, there are 500 crocodiles in pond – 3 and pond – 4.