VHP seeks possession of its Gujarat head-office back in police presence; Togadia and aides who parted way and formed AHP refuse to vacate it

Ahmedabad: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) state head-office building in Paldi area of Ahmedabad city of Gujarat today witnessed police deployment in order to prevent a possible clash between the members of VHP and that of the Pravin Togadia led Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP).

The head-office building known as Vanikar Bhavan which is owned by Vanikar Smarak Bhavan Trust was being used by Togadia as the virtual head-office of AHP which he formed after defeat in the organisational election of VHP and his subsequent separation from VHP last year. Lately Togadia had also started work for his political party from this building.

While Togadia was refusing to vacate VHP headquarters even after parting ways, the VHP people were taking strong exception to it and had made a written complaint to the police seeking ouster of AHP people from the premises.

Senior VHP leader and Gujarat State regional secretary (Kshetra Mantri) Ashok Rawal told media persons that Togadia was illegally using the building for political activities.

‘Of the total 15 trustees of the building management trust i.e Vanikar Smarak Bhavan Trust, 10 were in the VHP while Togadia and four others were with AHP. The AHP people including Togadia were illegally using this campus for political activities. The trust had also passed a resolution to remove Togadia and four other trustees associated with him from the trust due to his activities in the building premises without prior permission of the trust. The resolution was passed as per Trust’s constitution with majority. In order to take back the possession in police presence, we had called on the city police commissioner and submitted documents of trust’s decision. It is obvious that AHP people would not like to vacate the place, and we don’t want any clash, as we have worked together for years. This building was VHP’s state headquarters in the past and will continue to remain so. VHP will continue its activities from here,’ he said.

He also claimed that the ownership of the building was with the VHP and the trust in which majority was of VHP people. The AHP people were showing false and irrelevant documents to claim ownership.

Meanwhile, Togadia claimed that the possession of the building was as per court commission with the break-away faction of the VHP ie AHP.

‘Our people have been removed from the building illegally and forcefully by the police on the instructions of PM Narendra Modi or someone close to him. The police which has no right to intervene in a civil matter has broken the lock and thrown away our things,’ he alleged in his identical style in which every blame goes to Modi.

Meanwhile, a large number of police including some senior police officials along with the commissioner of police were present on the spot.

DCP K N Damor said that the police has been deployed there as a precautionary measure as it was an internal dispute of the trust people.

ACP Divyaben said that possession has not been given to VHP people as of now.


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