Meaning of Abhinandan will change now: PM

New Delhi: “Abhinandan” used to mean congratulations, but its meaning will change now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Saturday referring to the IAF pilot released by Pakistan and the air strike carried out by India in Pakistan.

The world takes note of what India does and the nation has the power to “change dictionary meanings”, Modi said at a housing ministry event here.

“Take it for fact, the world watches carefully what India does… The country has the strength to change the meaning of words in the dictionary.

“Abhinandan once used to mean congratulations in English. And now the meaning of Abhinandan will change. This is the strength of this country,” he said amid applause by the audience.

He said the country has to move ahead with “valour”.

Soon after the pilot was released, Modi had tweeted, “Welcome Home Wing Commander Abhinandan! The nation is proud of your exemplary courage.

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