PM in Jamnagar explains his recent Rafale remark , speaks on India’s reply to Pulwama terror attack

Jamnagar: Presented below is roughly translated verbatim of relevant portion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarati speech in Jamnagar in which he explained his recent remark on Rafale and also spoke in detail in reference to India’s reply to Pulwama terror attack:

Should the disease called terrorism go or not from this country? Should this epidemic called terrorism go or not? Should we root out terrorism or not?

Now if we apply medicine here, will that make any difference? Remedy has to be applied where the illness is rooted.

If we have developed boil and go to the doctor, the doctor would say that root of this trouble is in blood.

Should we address the point of origination of disease or not? Root of this disease is in our neighborhood.

Kutch and Jamnagar are nearby areas (to Pakistan). You receive the updates early.

I want to ask the people of Jamnagar, do you have faith in what our Army states? Shouldn’t I believe in my Army, shouldn’t we believe in our Army.

But some people have pain in their stomach. They have objections in this too. They should take pride that our Army is showing strength.

In a speech in Delhi I said that today if our IAF had Rafale, the result could be different.

Now those who can’t understand what I said, that’s not my fault, it’s their limitation. What can I do?

They said Modi is questioning what IAF did.

Arre meharban, please use some SaBu (Samanya buddhi or common sense).

If our jawans had Rafale during air strike, none our (aircraft) could be lost and none of their could survive.

(Modi Modi chants in public)

This is my hisaab (mathematics)

I bow down to people of this country and braves of this country. And it is our pledge that this country is not going to sit quietly, so what if the masters of whoever wishing to destroy this country are there across the border

Our opponents have problem in this too, they were telling, what Modi would do now?

So I tell, now see, this is what we did.

Their mantra is to come together and finish Modi, but country’s mantra is to be united and finish terrorism

They want to finish Modi, we want to finish terrorism.

– DeshGujarat