Ceramic units in Morbi shift to PNG after NGT orders closure of coal gas plants

Morbi: Following an order by National Green Tribunal (NGT), all coal gas plants functioning in ceramic town Morbi are to be closed. Meanwhile Gujarat Gas company has shown readiness to supply PNG to units that want to switch over to PNG.

Gujarat Gas consumption has been up from 22 lakh scm earlier to 37 scm now. It shows that many plants are shifting to PNG. This may go upto 65 lakh scm by the end of this month.

There were around 550 units functioning through coal as fuel. The units that had already a PNG connection are now functional on PNG.

According to industry insider, the overall production cost will go up by 20%. Those working without bill will have to go for closure of amend their ways of doing business. There was over production in the market which will now come down to sharp cut. With the end of ‘Without Bill’ regime, the government is going to earn more revenue.

It is learnt that each of around 550 factories operating through coal gas plants were paying Rs. 2-4 lakh per month to Gujarat Pollution Control Board(GPCB) officials to prevent raids and avail favorable reports. After CBI search last year, GPCB report witnessed change and actual measure of pollution came to light.


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