Hardik Patel plea seeking suspension on Visnagar court conviction: Next hearing on March 26

Gandhinagar: Further hearing on Hardik Patel’s plea seeking suspension of conviction by Visnagar court will take place on March 26 in the Gujarat High Court as Additional Public Prosecutor(APP) appearing in this case has sought more time to present evidences before the court.

APP had earlier on 15th March sought short accommodation upto Monday to which Hardik’s lawyer IH Saiyad appearing for Rafik Lokhandwala had shown agreement. The court had decided March 19th as next date for hearing. Now further hearing will take place on March 26.

Hardik was given 2 years jail term by Visnagar court for incidents of violence in year 2015. As per section 8 of Representation of Peoples Act, Hardik stays disqualified for contesting election due to 2 years jail term awarded to him. Hardik is seeking suspension of conviction as he wishes to contest Lok Sabha election.

On 13th March, High Court Judge RP Dholaria had put ‘not before this court’ note following which Justice A.G.Uraizee started hearing in this case.

Sequence of today’s hearing:

Dharmesh Devnani, APP submits that in compliance of order dated 15.03.2019, a copy of affidavit-in-reply is served to the learned advocate for the applicant yesterday i.e. 18.03.2019. He further submits that there is further materials which the State proposes to bring to the notice of the Court and hence he seeks time.

I.H. Saiyad, advocate for the applicant objects to grant of adjournment on the ground that time is running out as the applicant wants to contest the ensuing Loksabha Elections. He submits that in case the Court is inclined to accommodate the respondent, the material may be kept tomorrow i.e. 20.03.2019.

Having heard advocate on either side and considering the nature of the application, Justice Uraizee was of the view that the hearing of the application is likely to
take some time. Hence, matter is kept on 26th March, 2019.

Mr. Saiyad, advocate for the applicant and Mr. Devnani, learned APP may file compilation of the depositions and affidavit-in-reply respectively in the Registry, the court order said.