After Karnataka, Congress has now turned Madhya Pradesh in to an ATM for it: PM Modi in Gujarat

Junagadh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today strongly hit out at Congress saying that with surfacing of another scam ‘Tughlak Road Scam’ it has become clear that the party, which was earlier using Karnataka as its ATM has also turned Madhya Pradesh in to the same.

He also alleged that Congress was supporting those who talk about separation of Kashmir and also the gang that shouted slogans about breaking India.

Addressing an election rally at the Agriculture university ground here Modi in a veiled reference to the recovery of huge amount of cash during the recent raids on the house of the MP CM leader Kamalnath’s OSD in Indore and at other places in the country reportedly associated with Congress leaders, Modi said,’ One more scam in the form of Tughlak road scam has surfaced and been associated with Congress which has its name in numerous scams. The latest scam is not any speculation but is with proofs. It has made it clear how the party was snatching the money meant for feeding poor children and pregnant women to feed their own leaders. For the past 3 to 4 days you are seeing in the media as to how sacks filled with cash were being recovered from the Congress leaders. It was also being reported as to from where the money was recovered and where it was meant to go. It has hardly been six months since the formation of Congress government in MP. The party had earlier made Karnataka its ATM and now MP has also become so and perhaps the situation of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh was also not much different. Congress comes to power only and only for the loot of public money.’

Narrating a story of three greedy sons and a shrewd father and associating it with Congress PM Modi alleged that Congress made false promises only.

He also reiterated that the Gandhi-Nehru family hated Gujarat. He said that it had targeted Sardar Patel and plotted the fall of Morarji Desai government and was now behind him. Modi said that the country would prosper only when it was safe and when he talked about uprooting of terrorism, Congress called him names.

Taking another jibe at Congress, Modi said that BJP has a track record of doing things for people like welfare of people, providing opportunities to middle class and acting tough against terrorism etc but Congress has no track record but only a tape recorder on which they just play one song – remove Modi. They don’t have any other agenda.

He also alleged that Congress was taking sides with those who want to part Kashmir from India. He said that Sardar Patel unified problematic erstwhile princely states like Junagadh and Hyderabad with India smoothly with his tough stance and also sent army in Kashmir at his own ignoring Nehru ji and it was because of that the part of it that is now with India could be kept intact. The issue of Kashmir could not be resolved at the time of independence due to Nehru and our jawans were shedding blood there even today.

‘Now Congress was again going against the dreams of Sardar Patel by supporting those who talk about separating Kashmir from India and about a separate PM for Kashmir. Can any Gujarati or Bihari or Assamese or a resident of any other state even dream of talking about that. But Congress was standing shoulder to shoulder with such people. India has done every thing for Jammu and Kashmir and even jawans/sons from all the states had martyred for the safety of Kashmir. Should there be another PM for Kashmir,’ the PM said.

PM Modi said,’an environment of fear was being created in the country. Congress itself has become fearful after the air strike and surgical strikes on terror camps. ‘Those who feel stomach-ache when our brave soldiers do action in Pakistan, should certainly be identified. Earlier terrorists used to do blasts in the country every now and then. Even Gujarat had been targeted, the Akshardham temple was also not spared, there was major attack in Mumbai but the then remote controlled UPA government did not do anything. Our government has decided to hit out at the place from where terrorism is nurtured. We have only given our army the free hand. I don’t know which guns or aircraft they use for operation, all I have done is given them free hand to take action. Congress which did nothing during its regime should not hinder my way now. And see its double policy, now it was expressing doubts on our soldiers and asking for proofs of strikes and had the operation been such that our jawans could not not return, Congress would have pulled my hairs.’

He said that he called the Ghosna Patra ( election manifesto) of Congress a Dhakosala Patra (eyewash of sorts). It talked about making our soldiers unarmed and giving legal protection to those gangs who shout slogans about breaking our nation.

‘Due to their sins they were bound to languish in prison. In the last five years I have brought them to the door of the jail and during the next tenure they would enter it. Whoever had looted our nation would have to return every single paisa of it. Gujarat in fact is lucky that Congress was not in rule here for long. See what this party has done even in just six months of its rule in MP. If they got a chance to rule the country they would again loot it. MP was like a trailer if they got a chance to rule the country again they would show a film,’ he said.

PM Modi also talked at length about the steps taken by his government for fishermen and other communities in Gujarat and other development works.

Terming himself as the son of Gujarat and also as a chowkidar, he urged the people of Gujarat to make BJP victorious again on all the 26 LS seats to continue the development journey. He also said that the people of his state should ensure that the nomination related deposits of the opponents of Gujarat were forfeited.

He also appealed the first time youth voters to cast their first votes keeping in mind the interest of the nation. He claimed that there was a wave in favrour of the BJP across the country.