Will make sedition law even more stringent: Rajnath Singh in Gujarat


Rajnath said:

– Chowkidar pure hai, uska PM banna sure hai, samasyaon ka wohi cure hain, desh mein chaaro aur shor hai, ki Modi once more hai

– They(the Congress leaders) say if their govt is formed, they will end the sedition law. If someone tries to break the nation, if someone tries to disturb social harmony, if someone questions nation’s unity and sovereignty, should such person be allowed to go away without action? We will make the law even more stringent. Even the provisions in law should inject fear.

– Rafale is Ra-fail – Rahul-fail. For last 30 years they didn’t buy even one next generation fighter plane and when our Prime Minister took quick decision thanks to decisive power. They make allegations against our Prime Minister. But suppose if our PM will make money, he would do that for whom? Someone can blame Narendra Modi for such and such work done or not done, but as I have worked with Narendrabhai for many years I can bet that no one can question his Niyat (intention) and Imaan (honesty).


Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh today hit out at Congress and party president Rahul Gandhi in his own typical style during his election campaign in Kutch and Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

Singh said that Rafale was a next generation aircraft necessary for strengthening the Air Force and the shout of Rafale by Congress actually meant Ra-Fail or Rahul Gandhi Fail (Rahul has failed).

Addressing the party workers in Sindhu Bhavan hall in Gandhidham, he said that under PM Narendra Modi the country has made all round progress and its respect abroad has also increased. India was poised to find a place among top 3 economies of the world by 2030. He should be given the second term without fail to take the country to newer heights.

Hitting out at the congress slogan of ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ Singh said that Rahul has insulted the PM and people should give him befitting reply in election in democratic manner. He said that the Chowkidar was pure and has sure-shot cure for all the problems of the country which was still suffering due to the faulty policies of erstwhile Congress governments. He said that had the first PM Nehru allowed Sardar Patel to resolve Kashmir issue , it would not have been an issue at all today.

During a meeting of intellectuals and businessmen in Yashwantrai Mehta Natya Gruh Auditorium in Bhavnagar later, he compared data of various development works during of the full Congress regime and 5 years of Modi government to reiterate that the Modi government during its single tenure has worked much more than what Congress has done in its long rule.

He also hit out at Congress and and Gandhi family saying that the party during its long rule did little to improve the condition of poor but whenever an election comes it starts repeatedly shouting the issue of poor and poverty (Garib and Garibi).

Singh said,’ Earlier Nehru talked about poor, then Indiraji talked about Garibi Hatao and then Rahul’s father and former PM Rajiv also said that of the every 100 paisa that he sent from Delhi for poor people only 16 paisa actually reached them.’

But during Modi government poor were being benefited directly and every 100 paisa sent for them lands in their account directly with no middleman involved,’ he said.

Singh would also address and event in neighboring Botad.


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