Video of a child attacked by stray dog in Ahmedabad goes viral

Ahmedabad: This was going to happen and this is going to happen even more. As the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has stopped catching stray dog completely for last many years, the menace of dog-bite and attacks are increasing. Many streets have become dangerous to walk in the evening due to fear of herds of stray dogs marching and chasing the walkers and those on two wheeler. Post midnight it becomes very risky to walk or to ride a two-wheeler due to fear of dogs. The incident shown in video here is from Jamalpur area of wall city near Hebatkhan mosque. A two year old child was attacked by a stray dog. A child suffered injuries and was taken to hospital. Thanks to lethargy of AMC, dog bite incidents are on rise. Long queues can be spotted any day at AMC run hospitals such as LG and VS for anti-rabies injections.


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