Pakistan is ‘exporter of terrorism’ , I did not care for its ‘will push the nuclear weapon button’ threat and army conducted surgical and aerial strike:PM Modi

Surendranagar: Terming Pakistan as ‘Exporter of Terrorism’, PM Narendra Modi today said that during Congress governments terrorists from the neighbouring country used to hide there after attacks in India and Pakistan threatened to push the nuclear weapon button but in his government the army conducted surgical and aerial strikes.

Addressing an election rally here Modi said India was being recognized as a powerful nation across the world. It was because of the majority given by the people to his government last time. Because of it action could be taken in Kashmir, against terrorism and Naxals and on many other fronts.

He said, ‘Our neighbouring country does export of terrorism. That is the only thing that it does. Earlier terrorists from Pakistan used to hide their after attacks in India and the neighbouring country threatened to push the nuclear weapon button to protect them. When it happened in my regime, I said – go push the button, I give it a damn. Earlier our leaders used to tell our woes all over the world now it is Pakistan that is weeping all over. After Uri and Pulwama attack our jawans hit the terrorist in their home.’

Modi said that appeal for peace is not heeded unless it was done by a powerful one.

Hitting out at Congress he said that the opposition party was talking in the language of Pakistan. Even though every one believed in the army’s claims, only Congress sought proofs for surgical and aerial strikes. The language of Congress was being applauded in Pakistan. Did such party for which Pakistan claps could do any good to India. For the past five years Congress has just one mission – remove the Chowkidar.

He also alleged that Congress has nothing left except for abusing, lying, communal and caste-based posturing ‘The credibility of the party has eroded so much that its restoration was looking highly unlikely. The current election will ensure the direction of the nation and such a party which had destroyed the country for last 70 years can’t be allowed to take the rein again even for 70 minutes,’ Modi said.

He said that in the last election inflation and corruption were two main planks but this time people have forgotten these two terms completely.

He reiterated that Congress was anti Gujarat and has now seemingly become anti India after his becoming PM. It had behaved with Gujarat like an enemy state when he was CM.

Modi also claimed that more lotuses (party symbol) would bloom on mud slinging from Congress. The country needed a strong and not a helpless government.

He also said that there was no mention of middle-class in the Congress manifesto which was in fact conspiring to finish it up. ‘The middle class is the largest group in the country which lives lawfully and pays taxes for the benefit of the country but the Congress advisor from the US terms them selfish and suggests that it should be heavily taxed.’