Have you seen any Congress leader’s photo visiting Sardar saheb’s Statue of Unity? : PM Modi asks people in Amreli

Amreli: PM Modi today while speaking at BJP campaign rally slammed Congress party and asked the people whether they had seen any single photo of some Congress leader visiting Sardar saheb’s Statue of Unity.

PM in his speech said: Your leader (Amreli MLA Paresh Dhanani) here has not left any stone upturned to insult Sardar saheb. Such a big statue has been built, as many as 12 lakh people have visited it, have you seen any single photo of a Congress person with this statue? No, none has visited it. They (the Congress people) would keep saying, Sardar saheb was from our Congress, but then they should go and visit (the statue) and bow down there, their some samskars will improve. This one (Congress leader Paresh Dhanani) blabbers without control, he says this statue is scrap. Is this a scrap? Any shame? Such people come to you to seek vote.’

It should be mentioned here that Congress candidate in Amreli Lok Sabha election Paresh Dhanani who is leader of opposition in the assembly had mentioned the Statue of Unity as scrap in assembly debate. PM without naming him was referring to his this remark.

PM Modi earlier in his same speech said, ‘if you ask Google, which is the tallest statue of the world, where is it, you would as a matter of pleasure see Gujarat and Sardar Patel in reply. For me it is a subject of Shraddha (faith). I have not built Sardar saheb’s statue to show Pandit Nehru tinier. The country is indebted to Sardar Patel. Englishmen wanted to leave India in pieces. Sardar was a brave person from Gujarat who united India. We built Statue of Unity so that coming generations draw inspiration. I am told that the statue was dedicated on October 31st and it has witnessed on an average daily 10,000 to 12,000 visitors. More than 12 lakh people had darshan of statue. After so many years of Sardar saheb’s death, people queue up to visit his statue. This is a matter of pride.’