Our Nyay scheme is a deadly blow and surgical strike against poverty, will end penury from India: Rahul in Gujarat

Vanthali: Congress President Rahul Gandhi today said that the NYAY scheme of his party that promises to transfer Rs 72 thousands in the accounts of women members of each of the 5 crore poorest families in the country was a ‘Surgical Strike’ on poverty in India.

Addressing an election rally in Vanthali of Junagadh district in Gujarat, the congress president alleged that PM Modi himself was indulged in corruption and helping 10 to 15 big industrialists including Adani and Ambani. He was also trying to create two India one for his rich friends and the other for poor.

He said that Modi repeatedly lied but he would speak the truth and guaranteed that the Nyay scheme would be implemented soon after Congress was voted to power at center. ‘The Rs 72000 is a deadly blow on poverty, a surgical strike against it. We will end the poverty from India,’ he said.

Rahul Gandhi said that five years back people had shown faith in Narendra Modi with the belief that he would do something. Gujarat had also shown full faith and given all the 26 seats to him who had made three big promises; giving jobs to 2 crore youths every year, bringing Rs 15 lakh in the account of every body and better prices to the farmers for their crops.

‘Though the promise to put Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s account proved to be a lie I had asked the think-tank of Congress as to how much money can actually be transferred to the 5 crore poorest families in the country.They replied that Rs 72000 can be given to each of these families. And it will not harm the economy and the system the way the demonetization and Gabbar Singh Tax (GST) of Modi regime has done. Modi’s 15 lakh was a lie but my promise is a truth. When people lost their money due to demonetization and GST they stopped buying goods which resulted in to closure of small businesses and factories in the country and today we have highest unemployment of last 45 years. This is mainly due to demonetization and GST. But under the NYAY scheme when money will be transferred to the account poor families who earn less than 12000/- a month, they would start purchasing things and the small businesses and factories would flourish again and our people would get jobs in them in turn,’ he said.

‘Modi ji asks from where the money come.He had asked similar question when we promised about the farmer’s loan waiver and whenever we talk about any scheme for the poor. He has given Rs 35000 crore to Ambani in Rafale deal and six airports and lands to Adani. Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Vijay Malya have all fled with our money. Modi government has waived Rs 3.50 lakh crores of loans of the 10 to 15 big corporates including Ambani and Adani but has not waived the loan of farmers,’ he said.

‘Congress as per its promise waived the loans of farmers in MP, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan within two days after winning the election. We would have done so in Gujarat also had we won the assembly election last year,’ he said.

He alleged that big industrialists including Anil Ambani were getting benefited from the crop insurance scheme. He said that after being voted to power Congress government would start a separate budget for farmers which would let them know the MSP for various crops well in advance. The government would also ensure that no farmer was jailed for failure of loan repayment.

‘Billionaires like Anil Ambani, Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, Vijay Malya are not in jail despite huge loan default and some them were enjoying in London but small farmers were jailed due small loan defaults of Rs 20000. Modi ji should also jail Anil Ambani whom like Choksi, Nirav Modi he call bhai. This is injustice to farmers. Either both or none should be jailed. I assure that they will not be jailed if Congress is voted to power. Modi ji is trying to make two India; one, a shining one for 15 to 20 of the Industrialists close to him for whom all the facilities were easily available while the other in which common people cough up lakhs of rupees for education of children and basic health facilities.But we won’t let this two India thing happen. There is one flag and there should be one country,’ he said.
Rahul also talked about the Rafale issue and attacked PM Modi. He alleged that Modi himself negotiated it and got the deal given to Anil Ambani.

Taking another dig at Modi he said that he won’t lie to make false promises like Modi. ‘I can’t promise Rs 15 lakh to each one’s back accounts as it would ruin the economy but I would put as much as would not do any harm. I can’t talk about giving 2 crore jobs but would certainly give the 22 lakh government jobs lying vacant and 10 lakh jobs in Panchyats were also possible . The farmers can be assisted and their loans can be waived. On the one side there was injustice and falsity while on our side was truth and justice,’ he said. appealing the people to vote for Congress.

He said that he was told that Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani has said that 25 year ago there was less corruption, which was correct. ‘At last he has spoken the truth. Why the corruption was prevalent in the country today. It was because the Chowkidar himself has turned in to Chor (thief),’ he said.