PM Narendra Modi in Amreli speaks in length on his bonds with Gujarat and People of Gujarat

Amreli: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in his address at Amreli in Saurashtra region spoke in great length about his boding with Gujarat and the people of Gujarat.

‘I stayed in power in Gujarat for the longest period to serve you, you extended me cooperation. This created homely relation with you. In the last two decades I witnessed every major political, social event in Amreli. I remember, five years ago when my departure from Gujarat was decided. In general if someone is there in power for such a long period, the agenda would be about his removal, but for me it was a happy experience that after I stayed in power here for such a long time, you saw me off with heavy heart. You all were feeling whether Narendra Modi will go away from us, and I had seen that feeling in your eyes.’

‘Delhi is very big and I meet some of tallest leaders of the world, but at last I feel that I could do this because Gujarat taught it to me. Gujarat built me. Gujarat nurtured me.’

‘You compelled India to think that a person who handled Gujarat for so long, if elected to power nationally, may serves India properly too and make it prosperous.’

‘Your love, your trust has been useful to me during last five years. Whatever I have done in last five years, the harsh decisions, taking care of poor, clashing with big powers.’

‘In last 55 years, we have seen parivarshahi (family rule). A common citizen of India had not thought about some brave person emerging to position of power. We changed the definitions.’

‘People would think, oh this Gujju, this chaiwala. I have shown the world that the land of Gujarat is Sardar Patel’s land.’

‘This all success is due to complete faith and support of countrmen. I have dared to take decisions, thanks to the trust that the countrymen will stand by me.’

‘Today when I am in Amreli, the land of Jivraj Mehta, I have come to thank you, whatever I am today, I am because of you. Whatever decisions I have made, I have made thanks to your support and blessings. And therefore this is not an election meeting for me, this is a meeting to thank you, to bow down.’

‘I remember it properly, our Kutch and Kathiawad would be in pain due to lack of water. During Congress governments, we would request for water. If Sardar Sarovar project had completed forty years ago, Gujarat would be a vibrant, colorful state long ago. We could spend budget to other things like hospitals, schools, roads, if Narmada dam project was completed on time. It was Congress party’s political sin to halt the progress of Sardar Sarovar dam. Those who kept Gujarat thirsty can not be forgiven. When you gave me opportunity to serve in Delhi, it tool just two weeks and I ordered the increase in height of Narmada dam in merely 17 days. The dam work was then completed and today water is supplied. Was there some delegation from Amreli visiting me to demand that? Was there some fast agitation held here to demand it? Had you burnt buses demanding that? Why did it happen? Because it was your own person in power, realizing and well aware about your pain very well.’

‘When a Taxi would pass through the road in Delhi where PM lives, you would ask driver to slow down the car so that you could see PM’s house properly from outside. And today you can call and say ‘hey Narendrabhai I have come to Delhi, I want to have a tea. When you would get such opportunity? Here is the PM who knows 100-200 people in Amreli by their name. 50 persons would be such who can say Narendrabhai stop, don’t do this. We can’t do this. This relation is important. Someone your own is sitting in Delhi. I reiterate it that whatever I am, I am that because of you. You created me, you shaped me, you nurtured me, I am because of your blessings.’

‘And therefore I have come to seek all 26 Lotuses from you. Do I enjoy right to seek something from you? Do I enjoy right to insist for that? I have come to seek your blessings.’