Push a lotus button, and it will straight away go to Modi’s account: PM in Amreli

Amreli: Speaking about his government’s developmental works, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today morning in his public meeting in Amreli said, while previous government in its tenure built 25 lakh pucca houses, his government built 1.5 crore pucca houses.

‘Whom would you trust? You would put trust in me because I have worked,’ Modi said.

PM also said that his government has decided to extend PM-Kisan scheme to all farmers.

‘Farmers who have land greater than 5 acre will also get benefit of PM-Kisan scheme,’ he said.

PM reminded the locals of Saurashtra region that previous Congress government in Gujarat had banned dairy activity in Saurashtra and imposed fine. Modi said he removed such restrictions and encouraged dairy activity in this region, thanks to which cattle rearer started getting Rs. 50-52 for milk instead of Rs. 10 previously.

PM spoke about his government’s plan for farm-side solar power generation. He said farmers will not just grow crops but also generate solar power.

PM told the people of Amreli that if they push the button of lotus in voting machine, the vote will straight away go to Modi’s account.

‘You do push a lotus button and it will go straight to Modi’s account,’ he said.

PM said, a desire of strong nation seeks strong government and there has to be a strong chowkidar for strong government.

PM also spoke about his government’s plans to set up Jal Shakti ministry. Modi said his government has set up a separate
ministry for fishermen. He spoke about government’s scheme for fishermen.


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