Optical technology to be used for preventing lion and other wild animals run over on railway tracks in Gir forests

Junagadh: To prevent the death of lions and other wild animals by a running train on tracks crossing from Gir forests, the only natural abode of Asiatic lions, an optical technology will be utilized.

The decision was taken in a meeting held here in presence of the Junagdh Range IG in which CCF Junagadh and various railway and forest officials were also present.

The meeting of the monitoring committee discussed ways of preventing illegal human entrants in the areas inhabited by lions in and around the forests.

A forest official said that a technology which sent alarm to the train driver on seeing an animal on the track would be used in the trains and goods trains crossing from the track in the forest area.

It would be highly helpful in preventing wild animals deaths.

Notably, incidents of deaths of wild animals including lions happens often on the railway track that crosses through the jungle.