TMC goons desecrated bust of Vidyasagar, we will make a grand statue there: Modi

Mathurapur: Accusing the West Bengal Government of trying to “destroy evidence”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday alleged TMC goons spread violence and desecrated the bust of iconic social reformer Vidyasagar.

Demanding action against “TMC goons” over Kolkata violence, Mr Modi said, ” It was TMC goons who vandalised Vidyasagar college and broke the bust of Vidyasagar. ”

“TMC goons vandalised Vidyasagar’s statue during the night. The room has CCTV. What is the reason, the government is trying to destroy evidence?” Mr Modi asked while addressing an election rally here.

“I demand a strict action should be taken,” he commented.

“Am sure Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar can see which party is working for the development of Bengal and which party is favouring infiltrators,” Mr Modi remarked.

Taking a swipe at Mamata Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, Mr Modi said, “The aunt-nephew ‘Jodi’ is only interested in looting Bengal.”

The Prime Minister said, ” There is a problem here regarding Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja, saying Jai Sri Ram has become a crime. ”

“Here Durga Puja became a problem, Saraswati puja became a problem. You cannot raise Jai Sree Ram,” Mr Modi alleged.

” People of Bengal were troubled by these things since a few years, who brought these issues on a national platform? Which party has become the voice of Bengal today, it’s BJP, ” he said.

Modi said, “Frustrated with defeat, Didi is threatening to put me behind bars.”
“Didi has resorted to threats, today in the morning I received the threat of being sent to jail. Yesterday, I saw in media that didi had threatened to take over BJP’s office, she is also threatening to take over homes of BJP workers,” Mr Modi alleged.

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