We knocked doors of beneficiaries of govt schemes, linked works done to booth management: Gordhan Zadafia, BJP incharge of Lok Sabha elections in UP

Gandhinagar: ‘Our strategy was booth management and Modiji’s works. We linked two. We knocked the doors of beneficiaries, we had lunch on banana leaf in a house of poor that was built by the government. We met women who had got LPG gas cylinder.’

Gujarat BJP leader and incharge of Uttar Pradesh BJP for Lok Sabha elections 2019, Gordhan Zadafia said when asked about strategy BJP adopted for big win in Uttar Pradesh.

‘We were confident because of an organizational structure created by Amitbhai Shah in Uttar Pradesh In 2013-14 when he was incharge of the state,’ Zadafia said.

‘I lived in Uttar Pradesh for two-three months and I have observed the works done by Modiji. Those in rural areas would tell us about works done. We built 18 lakh pucca houses against average 60,000 houses in five year tenure of SP-BSP. Local villagers said they were now getting 18-hour electricity instead of 6-hour earlier. The government in UP had promised to give 24-hour power from January 2021 onward. Apart from the works done by the government, improved law and order situation under Yogiji is also responsible for big UP win.’

When asked about Amethi victory, Zadafia said, ‘the seat had 7-decade history of Nehru-Gandhi family – now in fourth generation. There was not even a hospital. Smriti worked hard for five years. We anticipated Congress defeat in Amethi when Rahul decided to move to Wayanad. He could see his defeat clearly. We were in fight in Raebareli also. Congress might have prolong relations with Amethi and related sympathy factor might have worked but so far as development is concerned, BJP government of Uttar Pradesh doesn’t leave any stone unturned in Rae Bareli too.

Zadafia said, ‘Congress had two seats in UP in 2014. In 2019 they could win only one seat after Priyanka Gandhi was introduced.People have rejected the idea of charishma by birth.

When asked to compare the elections of 2014 and 2019, Zadafia said, ‘2014 victory was based on hope while in 2019 based on their own experience people choose issues such as who can govern this nation. Who can give fight against challenges including security and terrorism.Who can deliver.’

Commenting on SP-BSP defeat, Zadafia said Rashtravad has won against Jativad.


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