Jamnagar BJP Councillor reaches Ass. Commissioner’s office with stick in hand, creates ruckus, video goes viral

Jamnagar: BJP Councillor in Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC) Rachnaben Nandaniya today created ruckus in Assistant Municipal Commissioner’s office protesting JMC’s drive against hawkers.

JMC officials had initiated drive against hawkers who encroach the roads and create traffic, littering, congestion and other problems.

Nandaniya was of opinion that road-side hawkers were poor people and they had no other option to earn bread and therefore they must not be disturbed or removed.

In fact Nandaniya had issued a clear threat to Mr. Kumbharana and other officials of JMC that if their drive against hawkers in her area continues, then she would come and beat up the officials.

“I had given them a clear warning, but they continue to remove hawkers, and therefore I had to rush to their office. Though I had told them I would beat them up, I just hurled stick and removed files from their table,’ Rachna Nandaniya told media when asked to react to the incident.

Nandaniya had rushed to Assistant Commissioner’s office with stick in her hand. She had called media to capture her action. In a viral video, she can be seen shouting at JMC official and later removing files and other things using stick in her hand.

Nandaniya told media persons that she would continue to fight for poor hawkers and she was ready for whatever action the party would like to take against her.

Neither BJP nor JMC officials have initiated any action against Nandaniya so far.