‘Industry Status’ to mining sector in Gujarat

Gandhinagar: Considering ‘Mining Industry’ as an important sector for industrial and economic development of Gujarat, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani has decided to give it a status of an industry.

Earlier, through an ordinance dated January 9 this year “processing of mining activities” was given status of industry by the Industry & Mines department.

As a result of the latest decision, it would become easier for the mining sector activity and its related industries to avail necessary permissions such as 66AA and 65 B which are mandatory under the Land Revenue Act.

According to an official release issued this evening with simplification of the entire procedure, the blocks of mineral areas would become active more speedily and also generate revenue for the state government.

Easy availability of the land would accelerate the large scale investment and production activity, along with increment in employment opportunities.

Not only this, the benefits such as loan-assistance and others available to the industries, would also be accessible to mining sector too.