Gujarat govt. announces ‘CNG Sahbhaagi Yojana’ with aim to add 300 new CNG pumps in two years

By staff writer, Gandhinagar: In order to ensure wider and speedier availability of CNG, the State government has today announced its decision to start 300 new CNG pump stations across the states through State government owned Gujarat Gas Ltd and Sabarmati Gas Ltd under franchisee and OMC-dealer models.

The State has at present 542 CNG stations. The State government plans to open 300 new CNG pumps in just next two years.

According to a note issued by the State government, the owners of existing petrol pumps will not need to take additional permission from government to start new CNG pump.

Highlights of the announcement:

– Joint partnership model for CNG stations in urban municipal areas and highways.

– Two types of CNG stations will come up; 1. CNG franchisee model and 2. PSU-OMC dealer model.

– Under the PSU-OMC dealer model, online CNG station (through pipeline) or daughter booster CNG station (without pipeline) are covered.

– Companies will provide main equipments to start new CNG stations.

– NOC and civil work will need to be done by applicants.

– Ownership of land is mandatory for applicant for setting up CNG station.

More details will be available at www.CNGSahbhaagi.Com website.