Now withdraw cash just by using OTP at HDFC Bank and ATM

Gandhinagar: Now you can send or withdraw cash just using your mobile phone with the launch of cardless cash withdrawal by largest private sector bank of India HDFC Bank. The bank today through email conveyed launch of its new service to customers, according to which, cardless cash withdrawal will be possible 24X7 for instant cash. No charges or transaction fee would be applicable. Beneficiary need not hold an HDFC Bank account.


  • Ability to withdraw cash without any Debit / Credit Card
  • Transfer money to people knowing just their mobile number


  • Obtain the cash instantly without any ATM card
  • 24X7 service to send and withdraw cash at HDFC Bank ATMs
  • The beneficiary need not hold a bank account
  • Safe and secure mode of cash withdrawal using Net Banking & ATM

Cardless Cash Withdrawal Process

The user needs to add a beneficiary in NetBanking before initiating the request.

How to add a beneficiary –

  • HDFC Bank NetBanking >>Funds Transfer >> Request
  • Click on ‘Add a beneficiary’
  • Enter the details and click on ‘Continue’
  • Reconfirm the details and click on ‘Confirm’
  • Enter OTP (One-time Password) received on your mobile number to complete adding of beneficiary


  • The beneficiary will be activated only after 30 minutes of cooling period (due to security reasons).
  • A maximum of 7 beneficiaries can be added/modified/deleted in a period of 24 hours.

Request for Cardless Cash Withdrawal through HDFC Bank NetBanking

  • Login to HDFC Bank NetBanking >> Funds Transfer
  • Click on ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’
  • Select ‘Debit Account and beneficiary details’ and click ‘Continue’.
  • Check the beneficiary details and enter the amount to be transferred.
  • Enter the OTP (One-time Password) received on your registered mobile number to successfully generate the request.

Cash Withdrawal from HDFC Bank ATM by beneficiary

The beneficiary will receive a 4 digit One Time PIN (OTP) and a 9-digit order id via SMS once the Cardless Cash Withdrawal request is successfully authenticated.

  • Beneficiary to visit any HDFC Bank ATM.
  • On the ATM screen click on ‘Cardless Cash’
  • Screen will prompt for OTP (One-time Password), Mobile Number and the Order ID received by the beneficiary on his mobile*
  • Enter the details and complete the transaction
  • Once successfully authenticated, ATM will dispense the cash.

* In case if the beneficiary has not received the One-time PIN, you may resend the same by using re-send OTP- Cardless Cash Withdrawal option placed in Transact option.

Cardless Cash withdrawal facility is  available at all HDFC Bank ATMs.

Important Instructions

Cardless cash withdrawal request can be initiated for a minimum of Rs.100 per transaction and upto a maximum of Rs.10,000 per day or Rs.25,000 per month for a beneficiary (The limits are subject to change as per regulatory guidelines).

A successful cardless cash withdrawal request will be valid for a period of 24 hours from the time of creation of request. After expiry of 24 hours, the request will be reversed to the initiators account which was debited.

What is Cardless Cash Withdrawal?

A Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction enables you to transfer cash from your HDFC Bank account to anyone with a valid domestic mobile number across India. The beneficiary can withdraw the amount from any specified HDFC Bank ATM without having to use a Debit or a Credit card.

Who is eligible to avail the Cardless Cash Withdrawal facility?

The Cardless Cash Withdrawal facility can be initiated by any HDFC Bank account customer (sender) registered for Internet Banking and having transactional rights.

Is there any minimum / maximum amount limit for Cardless Cash Withdrawal transactions?

Cardless cash withdrawal request can be initiated for a minimum of Rs.100 per transaction and upto a maximum of Rs.10,000 per day or Rs.25,000 per month for a beneficiary (The limits are subject to change as per regulatory guidelines).

What is the time taken for creating a Cardless Cash Withdrawal?

For a registered beneficiary a request can be created and cash can be withdrawn instantly across all ATMs. However, for newly added beneficiary, there is a cooling period of 30 minutes post which beneficiary will be activated.

How will the beneficiary receive the codes for withdrawal?

Basis Mobile number used while creating a request, the beneficiary will receive a SMS immediately after a successful request is created.

Is there any cut-off for withdrawal of funds sent using the Cardless cash withdrawal transaction?

Yes, any request created needs to be utilized within a period of 24 hours from the time of creation. Post 24 hours, the amount will be reversed.

Are there any specific timings for using Cardless Cash Withdrawal facility?

Cardless Cash facility is available 24×7. You can create a request by logging into your NetBanking platform anytime during the day.

What about Processing Charges/Service Charges for Cardless Cash Withdrawal transactions?

Currently, there are no charges for availing this facility

What is the essential information that the remitting customer would have to furnish to a bank for the request to be effected?

For adding a beneficiary the following details will be required:-
• Name
• Mobile Number
• Voter Card / PAN / Aadhaar number

Do all HDFC Bank ATMs in India provide Cardless Cash Withdrawal service?

Yes, All the HDFC Bank ATMs in India are enabled for this facility.

Whom do I can contact, in case of issues related to cash withdrawal using this facility?

Please contact our Phone Banking team or our nearest Branch.

What happens if I enter incorrect beneficiary details?

The responsibility of entering the correct information lies with the remitter / user creating the request. The Bank will not be responsible for checking the correctness of the same.

If I have multiple Accounts, can I choose the debit account?

Yes, you can choose the debit account. However, this option will be available only for accounts which have been provided with this facility.

How do I check whether the cash withdrawal has been completed or not?

You can login into your HDFC Bank NetBanking >> Funds Transfer >> Enquire >> View Order Status Cardless Withdrawal

Can I resend OTP?

Yes, you can re-send the OTP.

Simply login to your HDFC Bank NetBanking >> Funds Transfer >> Transact >> Resend OTP – Cardless Withdrawal

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