Surat rally violence: 6 held, 32 booked, complaint against 4,000 mob

Surat: Surat Police has booked 32 persons including Congress Councillor Aslam Cyclewala of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) in connection with mob violence during the rally of Muslim organization to protest alleged mob lynching incident in Jharkhand. Police has also filed complaint against a mob of four to five thousand people.

Accused are booked under sections 143, 147, 148, 149, 337, 341, 332, 353, 120B and 307 apart with damage to public property section 3.

Sequence of event

3 pm: Babu Pathan led Versatile Minorities Forum organization started rally from Badekha chakla.

4 pm: Four to five thousands Muslims marched to Makkai pul.

4.05 pm: Athwa PI Kuvadiya asked rally leader Babu Pathan that the rally had permission upto Makkai pul only and therefore none would be permitted to go beyond permitted route.

4.10: While police was in talk with rally organizers, a mob gathered in rally formation started protesting.

4.11: Someone from the mob hit PI Kuvadiya with stone.

4.12: Five to six city buses stuck in traffic jam on Makkai pul faced stone attack. Flower pots on road divider were also damaged. A car and rickshaw also were damaged.

4.13: Police started lathi charge, rally mob divided into two. One section started fleeing on chowk bazar side while the other started running toward Kadarsha Nal.

4.14: Police fire a round in the air. As many as 15 tear gas shells were also lobbed.

4.20: Police staff from all police stations and entire fleet of PCR vans was called to the spot.

4.25: Large number of policemen arrived at the spot, some trouble makers were identified and nabbed.

4.26: Shops in Makkai pul, Kadarshani nal, Nanpura, Chowk bazar areas shut down.

Seven including JCP DN Patel, DCP Vidhi Chaudhary, PI Kuvadiya reportedly received minor injuries.


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