‘Mob-lynching’ is a political word coined by pseudo-seculars in India: Minister Giriraj Singh in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Claiming that efforts were on to ensure that no stray cattle could be seen on the road-side in India in next one year, Union Animal Husbandry Minister and senior BJP leader Giriraj Singh today said the ‘mob-lynching’ was a political word coined by pseudo-secular people.

Talking to newsmen here Singh, a fire-brand BJP leader and Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries who defeated JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar in the last Loksabha election from Begusarai parliamentary seat in Bihar, said, ‘ This lynching is a political word which has been coined lately. It belongs to the pseudo seculars. I don’t want to talk about it. keep it aside,’ he said.

He said that there were three main challenges with regard to cattle management. ‘The first one was about breed improvement of the domestic cattle, second was to make sustainable those who were in the cow-sheds and third one was to develop such an entrepreneurship model with regard to the stray ones so that none of these could be seen on the streets.

Singh said that when the model of making infertile/unproductive cattle money giver by commercial use of dung and urine, succeed, no one would let one’s cattle roam stray.

He said that among bovine cattle slaughtering of only buffalo was allowed in India.

To a query about illegal slaughtering he said that the law and police were there to deal strictly with such elements and put them behind bars.

He however accepted that there was no data with the government with regard to the numbers of stray cattle. The minister stressed that with good intention, positive thinking and policy, the problem would be tackled successfully. Making such infertile and unproductive cattle self-sustainable was the solution and the government was working on it. Self sustenance was the answer in this case and not the government aids. A project in this regard was on in an institute of the ministry situated in Haryana.

Earlier addressing a press conference Singh said that the department led by him has been created for the first time by PM Narendra Mod carving it out from the erstwhile Agriculture ministry.

‘Our sector contributes to 6% of the GDP and exports to the tune of Rs 75000 crore. the measures being taken by us to increase our productivity would aid in doubling the farmer’s income a great deal,’ he said.

He stressed on the need for breed improvement as well as conservation of indegenous breeds. He said that for breed conservation through artificial insemination (AI), 11 labs across the country would start production of 20 lakh doses of sexed semen which would produce only she-calves. The minister also said that means like Embryo transfer and IVF etc would also be used for the same.

Singh also stressed on the need for experiment in fodder and inclusion of things like Moringo (Sargwa in Gujarati and Sahjan in Hindi) in it to increase milk production and check the issue of infertility especially in the cross breed cattle.

He said that it was also a challenge to bring down the input cost of milk production. He also said that if any co-operative was not sharing its profits with the farmers selling milk to it, the government would take action against that.

Singh said that a pilot project with regard to buy back of bio gas from cattle owners in a village in central Gujarat is being taken up and if it succeeds it would be implemented across the country.

He said that its success could become the game-changer with regard to the cooking gas fuel availability in India and reduce the dependency on LPG import to a big extent as there were 30 crore cattle in the country but we import around 70% of the LPG needed by us.

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