BJP releases manifesto for Junagadh civic election

Junagadh: Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today released its manifesto for Junagadh Municipal Corporation (JMC) general election.

Highlighting points of manifesto include, employment through tourism, completion of Girnar rope way project during current year, beautification of Narsih Maheta pond and a ring road around it modeled on Kankaria Lake Front of Ahmedabad, construction of over bridges to solve traffic problem, up-keeping of heritage monuments, purchase of modern equipment for cleaning of roads and gutters, wider roads, washrooms for women in most areas of city, revamp of historical Sudarshan pond, use of latest technology to receive complains of people, cleaning of drain water channels, installation of CCTV cameras, sewage treatment plant, new vegetable market, senior citizen park, night-market, townhalls in developed area, plans for sufficient water supply in summers, construction of stadium in Vivekanand ground, e-library for students, Lion safari in Gir sanctuary, selfie points at places of religious and tourist interest, over bridge in Joshipura, pond in Zanzarda area and railway crossing free Junagadh.

The manifesto was released by senior party leader Gordhan Zadafia in presence of local Lok Sabha MP Chudasama, former MLA Mahendra Mashru among others.

Zadafia interacting with media persons said, rope way will start operating in a year or so and attract large number of visitors. Lion darshan will be started in Girnar in order to attract more number of tourists. Double like will be laid for storm water and drainage water in Kalva area. The biggest issue the city of Junagadh is facing is related to railway crossings. We will make crossing free Junagadh. Newly developed areas of city will be given drainage line. Entire city will be covered with LED light under Ujala programme. New storage of water will be created. Vivekananda stadium will be developed.

Polling for JMC election is scheduled to take place on July 21.


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