VMC team use tranquilizing shot to control raging buffalo in Vadodara city of Gujarat

Vadodara:Normally, a wild beast is given a tranquilizing shot to cage or catch it but it was used to control a raging buffalo in Vadodara city of Gujarat which had terrorized local citizens for several hours today.

The stray buffalo was moving on the road-side in Vaghodia road locality in the eastern part of the city. It ran after several persons, some of whom even got injured.

Later the VMC team was informed and their attempts to nab the buffalo with ropes etc when proved futile, they somehow pushed the buffalo in to a open ground close-by.

There also they kept trying to nab it for over an hour but in vain.

A VMC official said that later a vet expert was called in and he with the help of a tranquilizing gun hit a shot to the animal. Even after that the buffalo could be captured by the VMC team with great difficulty.

However, the local felt relieved after the furious buffalo was finally caught and taken away.


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