Lion Cub in Girnar forest rescued with help of specialized Lion-Ambulance

Junagadh: A lion cub was today rescued in Girnar Sanctuary here with the help of special lion-ambulance, first of its kind in the whole country which was launched by CM  Vijay Rupani last month.

      CCF D T Vasavada said that the ambulance was rushed to the spot when information was received from foresters about a two and a half month lion cub looking frail and ill.

     ‘It has been taken to a animal care center for further treatment,’ he said.

        Notably, the hi-tech lion-ambulance was launched last month for the rescue and treatment of endangered Asiatic lions and other wild animals of the Gir forest.

        Vasavada said that there was only one operational such ambulance currently and three others were being made.

     Lion Ambulance, is the first of its kind in the country. It is fitted with an anesthesia-cum-ventilator-cum multi-para machine, a blood analyzer, and an ultrasound imaging suite.


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