Villages alerted ahead of release of water from Sardar Saroavar Narmada dam

Chhota Udepur: 24-villages located on the bank of river Narmada in Vadodara district’s Dabhoi, Karjan and Shinor talukas are alerted for flood following scheduled release of water from Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam from 1.00 am onward tonight.

According to district collector Shalini Agrawal, Talati/Mantri of these villages are asked to convey alert to villagers.

The locals in these villages are advised to stay away from river bank of Narmada.

The villages that are alerted include Chandod, Karnali, Nanderia in Dabhoi taluka, Pura, Alampura, Lilaipura, Nani Koral, Moti Koral, Juna Sayar, Sagdol, Oz, Somaj, Delwada and Arjanpura in Karjan taluka, Ambali, Barkal, Diver, Malsar, Dariyapura, Moletha, Zanzad, Kanjetha, Shinor, Mandva and Sura Shamal in Shinor taluka.

Similarly Narmada district administration has assigned disaster-related responsibility of 42 villages to class-1 officials and also instructed them to keep tractors, JCB etc vehicles ready.

It is learnt that 6 lakh cu sec water is going to be released tonight from Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam.

It is learnt that the gates of the dam will be opened when water level touches 131 meter mark. River bank areas of Bharuch district are also alerted.


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