Gujarat govt. soon to declare ‘saffron’ coloured plain tiger butterfly as state butterfly

Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government has formed a committee to do the formalities for declaring ‘saffron’ coloured ‘plain tiger’ butterfly as the state butterfly.

A senior official of the forest department today informed this.

He said that the announcement in this regard would be done shortly.

‘A committee has been formed for this. The saffron coloured plain tiger butterfly is found in plenty in the state of Gujarat,’ he said.

Notably Danaus chrysippus, also known as the plain tiger or African queen, is a medium-sized butterfly widespread in Asia, Australia and Africa. It belongs to the Danainae sub family of the brush-footed butterfly family Nymphalidae. Danainae primarily consume plants in the genus Asclepias, more commonly called milkweed.


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