ACB nabs BSNL Engineer in South Gujarat taking bribe of Rs 70000/-

Valsad: The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) of Gujarat Police today nabbed red handed a sub divisional engineer of BSNL posted in BIlimora town of Navsari district of Southern part of the western state taking a bribe of Rs 70 thousand from a contractor of local municipality.

Assistant Director of the ACB D P Chudasama said that SDE Suresh N Patel (59) was nabbed near a bus stand close to Dharampur crossing in Valsad city.

He had demanded the bribe from a contractor who had damaged underground cable of BSNL during digging of ground for his work related to laying storm water line. He had claimed that if the complainant did not pay the bribe then he would make a claim from the local municipality which would deduct Rs 25 lakh from his bill.

Based on the complaint the BSNL SDE was nabbed red handed during a trap of the ACB.


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