Approval to 8 TP schemes in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat

Gandhinagar: According to a statement issued by the State government, the Gujarat Chief Minister has today cleared 2 draft, 2 preliminary, 1 final town planning(TP) schemes of Ahmedabad, 1 preliminary TP scheme of Surat and 2 preliminary TP schemes of Gandhinagar – in total 8 TP schemes.

Ahmedabad draft TP schemes: 408 Ognaj, 407 Lapkaman-Rakanpur-Santej

Ahmedabad preliminary TP schemes: 238 Bhat Sughad, 85 Sarkhej-Makarba-Okaf

Ahmedabad final TP: 102 Nikol

Gandhinagar preliminary TP: 10 Adalaj-Por, 9B Vasna Hadmatiya Sargasan Vavol

Surat preliminary TP: 29 Udhna Limbayat

According to government statement, these approvals will trigger planned development over more than 412 hectares of land in Ahmedabad city and result into construction of around Rs. 640 crore works including that of affordable housing.

Five primarily TP schemes approved across Ahmedabad, Surat and Gandhinagar today will trigger development over more than 550 hectares of land.

Of this, 25.55 hectare land will be used for social, economic backward people, 32.03 hectare for gardens, parks and open space and 19.42 hectare for infrastructure development.


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