66.8 per cent respondents very much satisfied with Modi govt: ABP News C-Voter survey

New Delhi: In a survey conducted by ABP News through CVoter Narendra Modi emerged as the strongest and the most popular Prime Minister of the country with over 67 per cent considering him as the strongest prime minister India ever had. About 10.1 per cent chose Indira Gandhi and 9.7 per cent preferred Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Jawaharlal Nehru was the choice of 7.2 per cent respondents while 6.2 per cent chose to dodge the question.

Sample size of the survey was 11,308 covering all states of country over last week of August, 2019. This survey was conducted to check the mood of the people as second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government has completed 100 days at office.

66.8 per cent respondents were “very much satisfied” with Modi as prime minister while 19.7 said they were “satisfied to some extent”. The performance of Home Minister Amit Shah was also appreciated by most of the people. When asked to rate the performance for the BJP president at Centre, about 39.7 per cent respondents opted for “excellent” while 24.3 per cent rated it as “good”.

The survey shows that 26 per cent people believe that the Central government and its economic policies are the main reason behind the fall of GDP and prominent business sectors of the country. While on the other hand, respondents reasoning the downfall due to global slowdown were as much as 14.7 per cent. In what came as a big surprise was a fact that as many as 36 per cent people very clueless and said they do not know whom to blame for this economic slowdown.

7 per cent people also blamed the policies of state government for the ongoing slowdown in economy while 16.7 per cent people said that other market dependents factor could be the reason behind the slowdown. There were 0.2 per cent respondents who thought all the above mentioned factors were combined reason of economic slowdown.

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