Water level of Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam touches 137 meter mark

Vadodara: The water level of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Dam reservoir, known as the life-line of water supply in Gujarat, has touched 137 meter mark for the first time this evening.

The water level had touched 136 meters mark on September 8, 135 m on September 2, 134 m on August 27 and 133 meters on August 20 after almost continuous rise with slight fluctuations and occasional lowering due to opening of gates.

According to the official information received from Chief Engineer of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd, P C Vyas, who oversees Narmada flood control wing the water level was 137.00 at 5 pm this evening.

The inflow and outflow were almost equal at 8 lakh cusec each and the water level was stable. 23 gates of the dam were open.

Notably, after installation and closure of 30 gates on the dam in 2017, its maximum height increased from 121.92m to 138.68 m.

Vyas said that the water once reached the highest level it would be maintained by opening of gates as per the requirement.

Another officer of the dam said that there was no matter of concern as all the necessary testing of the gates were done prior to installation and closure.

Excess water was being flown to the sea towards Bharuch on the downstream side.

Due to heavy inflow the low-lying areas close to the river in the down stream have been alerted. People have also been shifted to safer places. Water from the river was also being flown to other rivers like Sabarmati, Rupen and Banas etc.

Notably, CM Vijay Rupani had recently said that Gujarat did not need any permission from the Narmada Command Authority for filling the dam reservoir up to the maximum level. It is trying to do so slowly and cautiously keeping in view all the technical aspects.

. The gross storage of water in the reservoir that supplies drinking water to over 3 crore or more than half of the population living in 167 towns and more than 10 thousand villages of this state,was above 93% of total capacity.

Notably, the gates were opened for the first time in the morning of August 9 this year to release water even as the water level in its reservoir touched a record all time high of that time at 131.45 m due to heavy inflow caused by heavy to very heavy rain in the catchment areas of river Narmada.

Due to the discharge of water in river from the reservoir, all the six units of the river bed hydel power production system which have been started after two years are operational today as well. It houses six 200 MW Francis pump-turbines to generate electricity and include a pumped-storage capability. Additionally, a power plant on the intake for the main canal ie canal bed contains five 50 MW Kaplan turbine-generators. Four of these were currently operational .The total installed capacity of the power facilities is 1,450 MW.

During earlier two years the highest level of the dam achieved was 130.75 reached on September 25, 2017.