CMO nod for Rs. 216 crore Panam oriented water supply scheme; 53 ponds to be filled with water

Gandhinagar: The Government of Gujarat has granted in-principle approval to Rs. 216 crore water supply scheme under which Panam high-level canal water will be used to fill 53 ponds of 38 villages of Mahisagar and Panchmahal districts. Surplus water of Panam irrigation scheme will offer irrigation facility in 10,000 hectare area benefiting 11,000 farmers and 45,000 villagers according to a release issued by the State government today.

According to release, Panam high level canal water will be used to fill the ponds through a 86.5 km pipeline network and lifting from 6 different spots.

With this decision taken by Chief Minister, farmers will be able to yield crops in monsoon and winter, both seasons, said the statement. Under the proposed scheme, 6 pumping stations will be connected to 8 pipelines with 10 to 60 cu sec capacity, to lift the water to 13 to 26 meter height for which 120 to 600 kw power will be used in order to fill 53 ponds with water.

Panam reservoir oriented Panam high level canal is 30 km long with capacity to carry 800 cu sec water. Works for main canal and branch canal are completed and they have started carrying water.


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