Import – Export of diamonds in Surat significantly up this year compared to 2018

According to figures announced by Surat Diamond Bourse, the city of Surat witnessed increase in import and export of diamonds in year 2019-20 compared to same period in previous year.

While import of diamond increased by Rs. 3,783 crore this year compared to previous year, export also witnessed increase of Rs. 233 crore this year.

By the month of August in year 2018, Rs. 14,491.91 crore rough diamonds were imported through 7,101 registered orders in addition to import of Rs. 11.92 crore cut A polished diamonds. Against this, in year 2019 by the month of August, 7,090 orders were places and Rs. 18,483.40 crore diamonds were imported including Rs. 18,041.21 crore rough diamonds and Rs. 51.04 crore polished diamond.

In export domain, by August in 2018 Rs. 428.17 crore cut and polished diamonds were exported through 332 bills against which in same period this year Rs. 661.60 crore diamonds were exported through 559 bills.

With Diwali and Christmas season, import and export figures this year will go even higher.

Meanwhile, Surat based diamond companies have left behind Mumbai based firms in year 2018 India Gem and Jewellery awards announced this week.

All three awards in highest turnover category for cut and polished diamonds have gone to Surat based firms namely Kiran Gems, Harikrishna Export and Lakshmi Diamond company (Ashok Gajera owned). In Rs. 250 to Rs. 1000 crore turn over category, Shivam Gems has stood first followed by Dhanera Diamond. Opal Diamond and Royal Impact have won highest export award in AME category. Emerald Jewel and Vallabhji Malsi & Company have won highest turnover award in precious metal category. Renaissance Global has won award in Rs. 500 crore plus export category of Studded jewellery. Shubham Jewelers has won award in AME. Best digital initiative prize has been won by Kapu gems.


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