Kutch district administration makes plan to achieve self sufficiency for grass

Bhuj: During 1980 to 2019 period, arid border district Kutch witnessed scarcity of water in as many as 12 years. District collector office has now stepped up to make a long term plan in attempt to achieve self sufficiency of fodder in this drought prone district in which there’s equal population of humans and cattle.

District collector Nagrajan Mahalingam said the administration is preparing a long term project after comprehensive study on the subject. The report will be handed over to the State government for want o grant. As per the plan, grass will be cultivated within the district and huge storage facility will be created. Private NGO Sahjivan has adopted 18 villages in Bhuj, Lakhpat and Rapar talukas for grass cultivation in 109 hectare while CGPL has adopted 42 villages. Gujarat Ecology Commission has prepared for grass cultivation in 405 hectare land. Other organizations will also be roped in for this noble cause.

Forest department has 36 godown at present with capacity to store 55 lakh kg grass. District forest department has moved a proposal to set up 23 more go downs. Kutch has 6 prants(provinces). Five villages in each prant will be encouraged for grass cultivation in order to create a huge grass bank which can be useful in scarcity eventually.


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