His dream of Clean India: PM Modi seen plogging at Mamallapuram beach

Chennai: Prime Minister reached Chennai yesterday to welcome President Xi Jinping of China. Starting from yesterday afternoon, after formally welcoming President Xi on his third visit to India and showing him the historical sites of Mamallapuram, Prime Minister hosted a spectacular cultural performance for the Chinese side in the evening.
Afterwards, PM had a hectic round of diplomatic parleys and engagements lasting for almost three hours with the Chinese side over dinner and beyond. After returning to the hotel, PM had several rounds of internal meetings on various issues to be discussed in this morning’s engagements with the Chinese side for the second day of the informal summit.

Yet, this morning, Prime Minister was up very early, and in keeping with his habit, went out for a brisk round of morning walk and exercises. While out on the Mamallapuram beach, PM saw litter and waste lying around, including several items of single use plastic, and decided to take matters in his own hand and started doing so by beginning a clean up operation, which went on for over half an hour. At the end of the clean-up campaign, PM called up the local cleanliness and sanitation workers and deposited the garbage with them.

This morning’s plogging exercise, showcases PM’s personal leadership of not just the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and the Fit India campaign, but also shows his steadfast resolve to wipe out the evil of environmental pollution caused by use of plastic, especially single use plastic, from India.

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