Gujarati Hindu Vikram Samvat New Year 2076 begins today

In pictures: Diwali evening at Jagannath Mandir in Amdavad, Gujarat

In pictures: Gujarati traders, businessmen performing ‘Chopda Pujan’ ceremony in which they worship the Gujarati new year (starting from tomorrow) account books and take oath of honesty and fair practices in business during the year

Festivities in pictures: Diwali celebration at Jagannath Mandir in Jamalpur, huge rush as flowers market at Sabarmati Riverfront ahead of Gujarati new year, Diwali Annkut at Shivanand Ashram and Swaminarayan Gurukul

In pictures: Gandhinagar Akshardham in Gujarat dresses 10,000 oil lamps decoration, marking Diwali festival

In pictures: Diwali Rangoli at Khadia, Gujarat based Jagdeep Mehta’s heritage haveli

A public satsang by Sri Sri Ravishankar in Palanpur.

In pictures: Heavy Diwali rush at Kalupur railway station in Gujarat. Long queues could be seen stretching outside the railway station building

In pictures: Gujarati traders, businessmen purchasing auspicious red cover account books for ‘Chopda Pujan’ (worship of new Gujarati Hindu year’s account books) ceremony ahead of Diwali in wall city market of Amdavad, Gujarat

In pictures: Dhan Teras Lakshmi Pujan in Amdavad, Gujarat earlier today

In pictures: Last minute rush for Diwali shopping in markets of Amdavad, Gujarat

In pictures: The largest rangoli in Amdavad city at Maninagar Swaminarayan Mandir campus, this year showcasing the theme of 150th year of Mahatma Gandhi

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