Gujarati as a medium in JEE Main; Mamata Banerjee’s apparent attempt to create rift over language issue stays exposed

Gandhinagar: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee once again stayed exposed today while spreading lies visibly in order to create rift on the basis of languages.

Mamata Banerjee in a series of tweets a day before yesterday questioned why only Gujarati language was added in addition to English and Hindi languages as medium in Joint Entrance Exams (JEE). Director General of ‘National Testing Agency’ (NTA) today in a statement clarified that barring Gujarat, none of the other States have approached NTA to provide JEE(Main) question paper in any other Indian language.

The statement issued by NTA DG stated: The JEE(Main) Examination started in 2013 with the idea of all States admitting their Engineering candidates through JEE(Main). The request was sent to all the States in the year 2013 itself. Only the Gujarat State agreed to admit their candidates in State Engineering Colleges of Gujarat through JEE(Main) and requested that the JEE(Main) paper be made available in Gujarati language.’

The statement further said, ‘Further, in 2014 Maharashtra State also opted for admitting the Engineering candidates in the State Engineering Colleges through JEE(Main). The Maharashtra State requested to provide the question paper in the language of Marathi and Urdu. In the year 2016 both these States withdrew the admission to the State Engineering Colleges through JEE(Main). Therefore, the translation in Marathi and Urdu language was stopped. However, the translation of JEE(Main) question paper in Gujarati language continued on the request of Gujarat State. None of the other States have approached NTA to provide the JEE(Main) question paper in any other Indian National Language.’

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi hails from Gujarat and his BJP party is speedily gaining ground in West Bengal, the State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tried to play cheap politics by creating controversy over language issue without factual basis and made allegations sounding that Gujarat language was specially favoured by the Government of India.

Mamata had in her series of tweets stated: Our country is India, which is home to so many religions, cultures, languages, creeds and communities. However, maligning all regions and regional languages is the intention of the government at the centre. Joint Entrance Exams so long were conducted in English and Hindi languages. Surprisingly, now only Gujarati language has been added. Such a step is not at all praiseworthy. I love Gujarati language. But, why have other regional languages been ignored? Why injustice is being meted out to them? If Gujarati has to be there, then all regional languages including Bengali must be there. Unless this issue is decided gracefully, there will be strong protests all around as sentiments of people who speak other regional languages would be deeply hurt due to this injustice.


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