Ban on use of mobile phone during duty by traffic policemen in Ahmedabad-West

Ahmedabad: A ban on use of mobile phone during duty hours has been imposed on the traffic policemen, home-guards and Lok Rakshaks deputed for traffic duty in the Western part of Ahmedabad city.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic-West) Ajit Rajjan today informed that he had issued an official order in this regard last evening itself.

Those involved in traffic control duty have been instructed to not to use mobile phone/social media during duty hours.

However, unlike a common-man who if caught using mobile phone while driving a vehicle faces punitive action, those traffic-men who would be found violating the order would not face any punitive action as per the order but would face ‘educative action.’

Notably, earlier the police chief in Rajkot city had banned use of mobile phone/social media for traffic policemen during duty hours.

It seems that these decisions in Gujarat were influenced by the one taken by the SP of Jabalpur city in neighbouring MP where five policemen were reportedly suspended for using social media on mobile phone during duty.


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