Boy falls from 3rd floor in Daman, people below catch him, CCTV footage of the miraculous save goes viral

Daman: An around 2 and a half years old boy who had accidentally fallen from his house on the third floor of an apartment in this union territory city adjoining South Gujarat had a miraculous escape as people standing below ‘catch’ him during the fall.

The CCTV footage of the incident had gone viral on the social media.

Police today said that the incident was of Khariwad locality in Daman. In the night of last Sunday, the little boy Jamal was playing in the balcony of his house on the third floor and he accidentally fell from there but was trapped in hanging position at a window on the second floor for sometime. When the people standing below saw the little boy hanging and about to fall, they assembled there and as soon as he fell they caught him. He was miraculously saved.

Those catching him fell down themselves due to the momentum and sheer excitement. The parents of the child expressed their gratitude for saving him with tearful eyes.


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