Rupani to hold direct dialogue with saltpan workers under his monthly programme ‘Mokla Mane’

Gandhinagar, Wednesday:Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will hold direct dialogue with the industrious workers of agariyas (saltpans) in the fifth edition of his monthly programme ‘Mokla Mane’ at his residence here on December 5, 2019.

Even as ‘Mokla Mane’ became quite popular as part of the compassionate Rupani Government’s programme to reach out to the most neglected sections of the society, he will this time meet 86 leaders of saltpan workers, mostly belonging to the nomadic tribes, from seven districts to know firsthand their problems and achievements. The districts are Morbi, Banaskantha, Patan, Amreli, Kutch, Surendranagar and Bhavnagar.

In the words of Mr. Rupani: These industrious people though work in saltpans add spice to and sweetness to our life. They spend their life in the shallow waters of the seashore under the Sun, summer or winter, allowing brine (saltwater) to enter the saltpans during high tide, allowing the seawater to evaporate, leaving behind the untreated salt in the dry pans during low ebb.

The government had earlier sent invitations to the leaders of workers in the saltpans and who want to do something for their community and the society in large, with assistance from the government. This group comprises those who responded.

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