Reviews of the Gujarati movies should be written only at-least a week after the release to help the struggling regional film Industry: Actor Hiten Kumar

Ahmedabad: Well known Gujarti film actor Hiten Kumar today said that reviews of the regional films should not be written before at least a week after the release of a movie.

Kumar, a versatile actor who was in the Gujarati film Industry for over two decades and has also acted in Hindi movies, said that negative reviews even before the release of the movies have affected the Gujarati film industry very badly. ‘Only one out of 10 Gujarati movies see commercial success. The regional industry was already facing many challenges including the one regarding the uncertainty about where these movies would be released due to the mushrooming of multiplexes. Gujarati movies were not like the Bollywood ones. They are made with limited budget and even little publicity expenses. In such a case the negative reviews play as spoilers,’ he said.

Talking to newsmen on the occasion of the Muhurt of his latest movie Laliyo NRI, a love story of an NRI North Gujarati, Kumar said that it takes a lot of effort, time and money to make a movie and one should appreciate it. If the person who write negative review about a film was taken to the shooting spot, he would be able to appreciate the difficulties a film maker and actors go through to make a film. So, I feel that film should be allowed to release without reviews and first the common cinema lovers should judge it. Later the review should be written so that the negativity did not come in the way of creativity.

Notably Kumar had debuted in Gujarati film industry with negative role in Unchi Medina Uncha Mol (1998). His 1998 film Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya was a commercial super-hit. He has also acted in Kangna Ranaut starred Simran.

Producer of the movie Laliyo NRI, Sunny Kumar who had also made Padkar-the challenge and the sole movie on organic farming in Gujarati, said that the Gujarati movies that only copy Bollywood films were not liked by the regional movie lovers. ‘We need to have some kind of Gujarati flavour in our movies to make it a hit. If we make a copy of Hindi movie the Gujarati people won’t related to it. They would prefer to see a pure Hindi movie rather than seeing it,’ he added.

Sunny Kumar said that his movie Laliyo NRI would also be shooted in London in March this year and would be released on Raksha bandhan this year. ‘I have taken the subject of NRI love story because of its Gujarati flavour. In Gujarat there were many NRI’s, almost in every family. Our movie will also show how a youth from North Gujarat becomes an NRI through a scintillating love-story,’ he said.

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